Linggo, Abril 8, 2012

heart says to hold on

staying with you is like a rocky road
full of stones and uneven road
struggles are hard and painful 
but still we can surpass that road 

staying with you is like walking in a hanging bridge 
swaying waving that makes you vomit
your eyes turning around 
but still in the end we can surpass it

staying with you is like a stormy day 
wind so strong rain falls from the sky
our days turns dark and cold
but still when the rainbow shows we surpass it

we count days with each other
we count months holding
we count year struggling 
but still in the end we surpass it

relationship is hard to handle
trials made to make us stronger
holding on is just the answer
keeping the fire burning will keep us forever 

asking my self why 
asking myself to stop
asking myself what i should be done
to let you stay just for a meanwhile

i know its hard
i know its almost over
i know its painful enough
but i guest love is the answer

1 komento:

  1. That's why it is good to put God in the center of your relationship. :) He knows best