Biyernes, Marso 2, 2012

if i know, if i must

if i could change myself i'd rather to choose the best that i am
i can be an actor , a doctor ar anything else i can
for me to leave this life just like a hell
and be a man who i want to be no one can tell

i know i can't be what i like
i know i need to be a man somebody like
i know someone want me to be the person they like
not knowing i can be what i am the person they will trully like

hey, what the hek i'm thinking
i must be happy and cheering for what i am doing
i must not let down by any persecution
because i am a man of belief and determination

i was born with a family with acceptance
even they know i can't reach any abundance
they love me and holding me without any hesitation
because they  believe in my every actions

i don't need to be somebody or any person in this society
 because i am what i am in this life living hopefully
that somehow , somewhere i can leave legacy
even from nothing even from hardship i live successfully

i'm proud to be a teacher, a vocation God sets me
i'm proud to pe handicap because it shows me how to be what to be
God is great because he not let me to normal
for He knows i can do great things like those normal

i'm thankful , i'm glad because even my like this i can me real man
GOd let me see and feel my importance as hid son and man
He gave me someone who i can really love
and a family who i can really trust

i glad to have my students
i glad to have them as my treasures
treasures until the end of time
because they are my gems that never fade around

so why should i want to someone
why should i want to be famous  man
why should i like to leave this hell? 
because its not hell, it a heaven here on earth

i have you, i have God
i have my family, my friends around
i have my students, my co workers
who give me heaven in this earth

we all want to be someone
we all want to escaped our own lives
but then we realize that somewhat
life is not perfect but it always makes sense

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