Biyernes, Marso 2, 2012


Saying I Love you is mean to me
as your heart is only for me
your love is the gift undeniably pure
the most precious given by you

I wish i can give you something
more than things you dream to
maybe the stars will do
but i know it's not enough than you love me too.

I maybe not be your Romeo
but I am more than what he is
I do not let you die in mids of trouble
because I want you to be happy until our hair gray old

i maybe not be your Superman 
who lifts you up in the sky
but telling you no kryptonite will make me weak
because your love makes me strong and still

I maybe not your Adonis 
a handsome man you can proud with
but i have this face and body for you
not to anyone but only for you

I know you want anything
anyone perfect than me
but hey it is me
a true person who love you deep

Now I am telling you what gift i can give
more than anyone thing that you can wish
I can give my life, myself my heart, anything i have
for me to love, care, caress you until the days apart

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