Biyernes, Marso 2, 2012


im sinking my self in to the deep ocean of sadness
breathless, numb and soak with despair
chaos comes into my mind
asking why and asking what
what is fault after all i have done

swimming in the lake of nowhere
finding the light of happiness
why it is they need to paddle my own raft
i can paddle it till my day is drop

they don't need to dictate
nor to judge on what i need
or decide on my fate to be
i know they only want the best in me

but it is hard to see any, if they blindfolded me 
why they don't let me see it with my bare eyes indeed
i have my heart, my own heart to follow
just be my guide but not block my road on

i know that it is hard
to accept me for what i have
but this is me, i have my own boat of life
if i lost, i know i can go back

 im not a rebelling, but i'm crying
i'm not mad, but i'm hoping
someday you'll understand my undertakings
please let me learn in this life i need

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