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My Facebook Own Status Qoutes Compilation 2009-2010 part 1

Note: ang mga qoutes na ito ay mga post ko sa fb ko mga galing a aking isip kung may kapareha man mula sa iba ay hindi sinasadya, iba ay para magbigay inspirasyon ngunit walang direktang taong pinatatamaan. 

  1. if you are forgiven wether small mistakes or not don't make the same mistakes again because multiple damage can cause severe pain and trauma maybe result to heart malfunctioning
  2. in our life we make decisions that we should stand for it till the end
  3. learning that there's a limitation in everything , the world is round, changes may appear and we should know how to be strong and prove to those people who hurt you that I can fight this life to the fullest
  4. Life may be harsh sometimes because we are alive not to pampered our selves but to be a warriors in the kingdom of God.. now take every challenges and your every troubles as a gift not a sacrifice God bless everyone!!
  5. minsan kakaintay sa isang pagbabgo nabubugnot tayo at hinahayaan na lang ang isang bagay, tao o pangyayari sa kanyang sitwasyon.. hindi nya namamalayan sa pagpapahintay sa isang tao ay nagdudulot sa pagsuko nito na humahantong sa tuluyang pagkawala ng interes... dahil diyan iyong mapapagtanto na wala na pala siya at masasabing "bakit hinayaan ko na mangyari ang lahat ng ito..." o di kaya mananatili siyang manhid
  6. sa bawat sigaw ng politikong naghahangad ng pagupo sa gintong upuan na siyang magbibigay ng kapangyarihan sa kanya upang sakupin ang bansa sa hindi lantad na pamamaraan at nagbibigay laya sa kanyang gawin ang nais sa kaban ng bayan.. mas marapatin ko pang maglingkod ng nakatayo at naglalakad kesa maghanap ng upuan na papatay sa bansang uhaw sa tunay na kalayaan..
  7. ang pag-ibig ay parang bangko.. wiwithdraw han ka pag kapag kailangan ka kunan ng pagmamahal magdedeposit siya kung bibigyan ka nya ng pagmamahal... maganda sana pag nagmahal ka gawin mo ng thrust fund para pangmatagalan at sana wag dumating na mabankrupt kayo para walang maging sumbatan sa pagibig na hindi na maisasauli pa...
  8. many people may tell that your IMPORTANT but the sad thing.. have they let you feel that you are really IMPORTANT
  9. ang pag-ibig ay parang boxing kailangan mong ipaglaban ang pagmamahal mo sa iba na gustong kunin ang iyong titulo o kung ikaw ang challenger at gusto mo kunin ang kung anong meron siya,parehas kayong lumalaban sa loob ng ring ng pag-ibig kanya kanya masarap yung manalo ka ng knock out at mpupunta sa iyo ang titulong pinkaiibig niya ngunit hindi ka titigil makipaglaban dahil madaming gustong maging challenger mo
  10. sa ating buhay masaya kugn alam mo kung paano minsan ngumiti upang makita ang buhay ng mas maliwanang....'
  11. its better to know your limit and stop the things that will hurt you before it destroy your future and the good things youve both treasure... we dont need some one who only thinks for themselves, they can live without you so why bothered to think for them go have your life and dont mind them at all...
  12. remember ones you disregard the opportunity of treasuring something or someone they or it may happen two things it may stay or leave you so beware Recuerde que usted desconocer la oportunidad de atesorar algo o alguien o puede ocurrir dos cosas que pueden quedarse o salir usted tan cuidado
  13. we came in to a conclusion that life is mean and cruel but it sometimes want us to see the other view of life that in every hardness theres a horizon you can choose wethwere you can be up in the sky or under the deepest sea... getz?
  14. in life we always know what we want but we are blinly dont know who are the person who really there for youand who really care for you... so stop looking for what you need look for a person that will become a mark in your life
  15. the day we see is far from the day we have been trough, keep forword and look for your future leave those past anxiety be courageous , determined because no one holds your back until you know how to stand on your own feet
  16. put this in our mind in whatever we do dont hesitate to cry for help because looking for help is not a sign of weakness its courage to face that not everything is in your hands
  17. we all know that things happend in purpose maybe its not destined to be like it but God put things in order remember every tears fall in your eyes will be rewarded according on what things youve sacrifice for others and for yourself and ofcourse for God... Destiny is in our hands you mold your own future....
  18. kung bibigyan mo ng huling pagkakataon ang sarili mo sa isang tao siguraduhin mo hinid na niya bibiguin ang salita niya sa iyo baka sa mas masaktan ka kung muli ay mabibigo ka sa kanya...parang eleksiyon kung binigyan mo ng chance ang taong iboboto mo siguraduhin mo na hindi ka na mabibigo dahil mas mahihirapan ka dahil magiging kampante siyang nakaupo ng anim na taon
  19. every mother is destined to be at our side whatevere happen, better than our sweethears our bestfriend, our boss, she will never take us down she never leave us .. she knows how to make us smile and knows how to give us lessons if we need it.. she can be our great defender our accesory in our crime..but sad thing sometimes regret them and make them cry.. 
  20. you dont have somthing to hide why bother... people who hides something uses more words or reason.. people who dont have any to hide are confident to fight for truth...
  21. what you hear maybe not the real one what youe see may decieve you, dont always jump to conclucions.. if you hear, see sometyhing know your stand.. dont make issue out of something that may lead to war..
  22. Being a teacher is not a just only work, you can not make a lot of money, seeing your self to be rich, or being famous in a television... but being a teacher if a job as well as a vocation, its not about money or being a famous its about giving yourself to others without hesitation, sharing your minds for them to grow and giving your heart to care.. being teacher is a job with dignity so lets be proud of it
  23. a teacher is like a bunch of fruits.. different in shapes and taste but all fruits are best to our body.. like a teacher we can not say they all the same they have different knowledge and strategy how they teach, some are terror but some are friendly, but all have in common they are good to us, they love us and they want to share us their lives for us to learn and not to be illiterate, thanks you my teachers
  25. everday is a brand new day do not leave the past because that past it is your stepping stone towards your future, forget the what makes you weak and bring those who make you strong remember when we hurt it doesnt mean we loose but instead we are challenging ourselves to stand and fight what is best for us.. 
  26. we never see things the way it used to be because we are blindfolded by our reasons
  27. we as people are easy to decieve because we usually use our eyes in seeing things which eyes only see physical beauty of the world not the rotten attitude of a human kind
  28. even if rains falling in to our life we still get going because rain is the time were we test our self if our house hold are firm enough to stand in any storm
  29. jokes are sometimes made to make other people hurt so deeply... words that been said sometimes has been done... so be careful on what you were joking.. remember jokes are half meant...
  30. we only want what the best for us sometimes we forgot to think what the best for others that would create a good harmony for all of us
  31. we will never foresee what future lies for us but we can plan the future ahead from us
  32. ang pag-ibig parang larong LANGIT LUPA IMPIYERNO... pag nagmahal ka pakiramdam mo minsan para kang nasa langit , sa lupa, o sa impiyerno ... saksakin man ang puso at tumulo ang dugo sa pagkabigo mamahalin mo pa din ang taong dahilan nito , "patay buhay umalis ka na riyan" ay ...wala kang magawa dahil patuloy kang hahabol sa laro ng pag-ibig na kadalasan ay IKAW ANG LAGING TAYA....
  33. we never know what life lies upon us but surely we know we have the right to change it everytime if life is not favorable in our side
  34. walang dapat pagsisihan sa nakaraan ang dapat lang maramdaman ang kasiyahan na minsan pinaranas ng iyong nakaraan maging miserable or maging masaya at nagbunga ng mas mabuting ikaw....
  35. learning is like eating its not upon how you eat it but it is upon how you digest it
  36. Loving a person is like a novel you cant be sure who he/she was until you convinced yourself to read him/her to the beginning , middle, climax till the end... Wether his/her story dont fit wit yours
  37. ang
    buhay ay tulad ng isang entablado sa isang teatro, iba't ibang kwento
    iba't ibang istorya, may bida at kontrabida, may happy ending at minsan
    ay tragic pa nga, sa entabladong ito at ikaw ang bida nasa iyo kung
    paano mo ito bibigyan ng magandang ending at engrandeng curtain call at magbobow ka ng may ngiti sa iyoong labi at walang pagsisi sa iyong buhay
  38. relationship can be change but not the heart who beats louder than a bomb...
  39. things are limited within your hand but love are unlimited with your heart, brain is unlimited with idea , and your spirit is unlimited with Gods power
  40. ang ulan ay nagpapaalala sa akin ng bagay na dumaan, bagay na maaring masaya at malungkot, tulad ng ulan minsan lamang dadating at minsan lamang daraan depende kung gaano kalakas ang hagupit ng ulan sa ating buhay ,ang importante naenjoy mo ang ulan at alam mo sa susunod may araw naman na sisikat at maari ka nanaman makapaghanda sa panibagong ulan s iyong buhay
  41. Its rather to make a mistake rather than not to make a choice... life is full of choices.. its not matter what choice we make the matter is how we learn from those mistake we had... im happy to say that sometimes i commit mistakes at least i learn than to i dont commit mistake because im afraid to grow...
  42. be careful on our actions because hidden eyes are always watchful to our doings, they only have the chance to ruin our life.. 
  43. ang tao ay parang butil ng buto.. ang kanyang paglago ay hindi depende sa layo ng narating ng buto noong siya ay isinaboy kundi kung paano ito tumubo kahit sa bato pa ito napatungo...
  44. if
    you ask me how live life should be, well I'm telling you, live a life
    like a turtle in the sea, do not mind the high waves beneath your way
    instead go fight its current, fulfill your dreams go under beyond on
    what you can do and like a turtle never forget to go back the land where
    you came ... don't let the sea drown you instead breath sometime
    and thank God for letting you experience your own waves in life
  45. senses makes sense:
    sight - makes u see the beauty not only by our naked eye but also by our heart
    taste - makes you appreciate life's flavor, its either sour,sweet,bitter,or salty situation
    smell - makes you accept the fragrance failure and success
    hear - makes you open in any conversation and makes all conversation pleasant to hear...
    feel - lifes is not always smooth sometimes its rough to make you better person
  46. we sometimes regret those people who are near to us, instead we always want those people who are far and not even notice us.... open your eyes and start to appreciate those people who is really care and love you
  47. kung iisipin mo kung bakit pangit ang kahapon bakit di ka magmove on at haraping ang bagong ngaun upang buksan ang nagtatagong regalo sa kinabukasan
  48. families are like trees , they serve as your shade , they give us food when we are in need, they hold us for us when we feel were going to landslide, they take care of us when we are sick and most of all they make us secure in our shelter..
  49. i wonder why people likes chocolate and coffee even its have a taste of being bitter.. maybe because it is like life even full of hardship, a sweetness of triumph comes to the end, or like a love even we knew we can taste it bitterness we still enjoy the craving of being inlove.....
  50. if you really want to be happy , look at the mirror , look at yourself, smile, and tell to your self i am happy because i am contented on what i have and who i am...
  51. obsession is different from love... obsession doesn't know how to give the things or the person he/she love, but love knows its boundaries, it knows the language of giving up when the right time comes, knows to accept when things not right and learn to hold faith until he/she knew it enough...
  52. we have cross not because we are cursed but we are love by God

    because the cross you have heavy or not makes you a better person and a good son of God
  53. the best things in world is not seen by our eyes but our touch by our heart...

    lets not be contented on what our eyes see because we can not say if this eye only manipulate what we need to know and what we really need to feel
  54. Remember in our life we should be proud in everything we accomplish even small or big.. because in every accomplishment starts in a humble, hard, and full challenge beggining which help us to be strong and look for much bigger accomplishment..
  55. teachers may come and go but the way they
    engraved something in your life will be with yours eternity...they
    may not recognized along your success but they are at your back all the
  56. Masarap ba maging guro?
    A. Masakit lagi ang ulo dahil sa makukulit na mag-aaral
    B. Maliit ang sweldo mas malaki pa ang call center
    C. Sinusugod pa ng magulang
    D. Maraming may galit lalo na kung my npagsasabihan
    E. Paos lagi kakasalita
    Masarap ba maging gurog?
  57. kung magmamahal ka at ang nais mo lamang ay mga bagay na pabor sa iyo marahil dapat ay mag-isip ka, dahil kapag ikaw ay nagmamahal marapat mo din isipin ang mararamdaman niya..
  58. love is not something how you feel it is something how you stand for it and how you appreciate every moment of it...
  59. why does the heart shape like this ♥ with two pointed edges and not a circle like this • so that like a circle love will never end..

    heart shape like this ♥ with two pointed edges because, like love it it is not perfect it have edges that makes a relationship more sharpen and stronger it may not be eternity but it makes you realized how important it is..
  60. the thing we need to do now is to get ready fro the future, learn from the past and face today, because you and yourself has the power and control to your success...
  61. if you given a
    second chance by someone.. stand for it.. never make a chance for that
    person to regret for the chance he/she give unto you...

    Remember chances is not always given to someone unless they/you are important piece in their life...
  62. just a thought:
    Love is like sailing a ship you and your
    love one is the captain its your fault
    if you lost or stuck in the middle of
    storm never let it sink and make
    your way right trough your
    destination which is loving each other till the end of time
  63. if you feel you are
    nobody just pause for a while,look around, because somebody is there for you , to be
    at your side anybody might be that somebody so appreciate them because
    everybody loves you at your best or even at your worst... Somebody will
    never leave you because nobody is left behind in the eyes of God.. God
    Speed everyone
  64. we never find things unless we use our eyes and instinct to find it...

    you can never find love unless you go and find it..
  65. LOVE is like a JIGSAW PUZZLE there are many pieces who can fill its spaces, but only one who can make it complete...
  66. things are perfect in a very perfect plan of God .. so even things looks so awful nevergive up because God's has Hisown reason for everything
  67. ang buhay ay parang naghihingalong may sakit, kailangan ipaglaban, upang lalong humaba, kailangang inuman ng gamot ng pagmamahal upang sumaya, kailangan turukan ng pagtitiwala upang maging panatag siya at higit sa lahat maaring operahan upang maituwid ang sakit na nararanasan
  68. mahirap magmahal lalo nat alam mo na hindi pwedeng maging kayo pero hindi mo mapigilang mahalin siya , minsan masaya ka na kahit na alam mo na kaibigan ka lang niya...
  69. ang Pag-ibig ay parang pag-inom mo ng mainit na kape sa umaga... mapait pero masarap, sarap ulit-ulitin, hindi ka patuutlugin, nakakapaso sa bibig pero ayos lang, pero minsan pag ang mainit na kape ay lumamig na habang itoy iniinom mo pa masarap pa ba?.. parang pag-ibig masarap kahit masakit pero pag ang init ng pag-ibig ay nawala na paano na? ... 
  70. love may not always favorable to us but maybe at least it give us the chance to feel what love is even not in a very favorable way
  71. dalawang napakaimportante ngunit komplikadong regalo ang Panginoon ito ay chances (pagkakataon) at choices (pagpili) maling paggamit ng mga ito ay maaring makasira at makapagpabago ng buhay ng isang tao
  72. kung minsan pag nasaktan ka mahilig tayong ibuntong ang sisi sa iba pero kung tutuusin hindi ba't ikaw din naman minsan ang may kasalanan pag ikaw ay nasasaktan
  73. Christmas is more than the gifts, more than the bountiful food, more than the cheerful parties. It’s not about me or you. It’s not about any other persons who may be so dear to us. More than anything and anyone else Christmas is all about God; it is all about His love to us to whom He sent His only Son, Jesus, through the Holy Spirit.
  74. in our life we are weak not because we are not healthy physically but because you are always bound with so called EMOTION...
  75. I realized that in loving someone do not give your best because you will regret when the time comes that the person you love will stop loving you the pain is much lesser..
  76. I realized that in loving someone do not give your best because you will regret when the time comes that the person you love will stop loving you the pain is much lesser..
  77. its is not matter how tired you are but how well you've done your part in this so callled life
  78. you can not always find truth in the mouth of people you love, sometimes you need to dig deeper , find ways to reveal it .. but when you already find the truth face it have guts to make them realize that your not a mere child to play hide and seek
  79. The biggest mistake you've ever done is when you did that mistake
    without thinking its effect in you, in others and into your whole life....

    think before you act....
  80. Life is not always = (equal) to us sometimes have > (greater) problem or < (less) problem to bear, the thing we need to do is to +(add) God in our life -(minus) our sins and x (multiply) our faith, love and hope for us to see the product of our journey in life
  81. I realized that sometimes a person will not change the way they are, not because they don't know how but certainly because they don't want to, even they already hurting somebody
  82. may mga bagay na nais nating mangyari sa ating sarili ngunit natanong mo ba kung anong gusot ng Panginoon mangyari para sa iyong sarili?
  83. love is like climbing a mountain , hard to get but very satisfying when you see the beauty of its peak...‌
  84. thinking that even how many times you see the bad side of a person, or its mistakes if you really love him/her sometimes you are blindfolded and still loving that person as if he/she is the most kindest person you've met‌

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